Version history

Version 2.0 –
Initial Mac versions (based off of the AxCrypt 2.0 code base).


  • - The QuickView (eye) button now lets you edit your file in your associated application as well, making the command a lot more useful (and in need of a new icon). - Note: You have to quit your editing Application for AxCrypt to be able to automatically re-encrypt your file.
  • - .axx files should now be automatically registered with the system and get the shield icon as start AxCrypt from your Applications folder. However, the integration is more than skin-deep: It’s now possible to double-click on .axx files on your system to have them automatically opened with AxCrypt! Just as with the QuickView/Edit command, you can edit your document and have it re-encrypted as you quit out of your associated editor.
  • - AxCrypt now sports a fancy new version information window that will let you know what’s new as you start a new version of the app for the first time!

Version (after 10 downloads)
Bug fixes: AxCrypt can now successfully maintain the state of several different opened files at the same time.

6 Responses to Version history
  1. Andrew Reply

    Thanks a lot for the update. One huge thing that is missing for me is allowing a passphrase to be pasted into the window. I have a very long passphrase that is impossible to type in each time so I need to copy from a password safe and paste in however this doesn’t seem to allow pasting. Thanks in advance

    • Sami Lamti Reply

      I’m glad you’re finding the app useful, Andrew! I’ll add your request to the product backlog so that I’m sure to get to it for the next release. :-)

      • Andrew Reply

        Great thanks Sami

  2. Jay Reply

    How can one encrypt and decript a whole folder in one go on a Mac?

    • Sami Lamti Reply

      To encrypt and decrypt folders in Mac, please first compress them into .zip-files.

  3. Andrew Reply

    Something I’ve recently noticed that’s a security concern for me is that after I decrypt a file and it opens, once I close the file the temp file that was created by AxCrypt is not cleaned up. So for example if I open an Excel doc, close it, then in Excel goto “Open Recent” it will still open the document – I would have hoped that AxCrypt would have cleaned this file up for me when I closed the application as per the Windows version. Are you still working on the mac version to fix any of the issues? Thanks

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