AxCrypt for iOS

AxCrypt for iOS is built in co-operation with Axantum Software and is built from the same source code as its Windows client. It is currently being maintained by Sami Lamti and published through tretton37 AB.

AxCrypt is open-source is using other open source libraries (inheriting from the Axantum Source) to perform its chores, namely software from

Transferring files via iTunes™

To transfer files to and from your device, simply plug it into your computer using its accompanying cable (or access it wirelessly, if you are wirelessly synchronizing your device), switch to the Apps tab and locate AxCrypt in the File Sharing Apps list:

iTunes File Sharing in Action

For a full description of this process, please see Apple’s support document About File Sharing.

Opening .axx files on your device

Upon installation, AxCrypt register itself to handle .axx files, which means that other applications – such as the Mail app – are automatically able to open them. To open a document from your Mail app, simply tap it:

… choose to open it with AxCrypt …

… type in the same passphrase that was used to encrypt (lock) the file …

… and hit OK to open the file!

To test AxCrypt’s functionality, we provide you an example document. Its passphrase is tretton37.

Recent documents and file management

AxCrypt will automatically keep track of the files you choose to open with it, and make those files available from the app itself, and through iTunes™ file sharing. Starting the app will present the three most recently accessed documents within AxCrypt. To open them, simply tap them, enter the document’s passphrase and hit OK. To delete a document, use the swipe-to-delete gesture.


For support questions regarding the iOS app, please send us an e-mail. For question about the AxCrypt library, please start at the Axantum AxCrypt web page.

19 Responses to AxCrypt for iOS
  1. Justin Reply

    It would be possible to save the document in the device after it was decrypted ? It would be very usefull, as my main goal is to encrypt my files when using public storage clouds.

    • lamti Reply

      *grins* Thanks for your obvious interest in AxCrypt for iOS, Justin! We’re looking into your request and will try to push a version within the next month or so (depending on the time in the approval process) in which we’ll support saving decrypted images to the photos library and opening decrypted files in an supported app on your iDevice.

  2. Eric Reply

    If I close out of the app when looking at a decrypted file, it does not require the passphrase when I reopen the app to see the document. This does not seem very secure. Could this be changed?

    • Sami Lamti Reply

      Thank you for your input, Eric! I’ve added your request to my log. Until it gets implemented, I implore you to be extra meticulous in closing the document before leaving the app, or returning to the app to close the document after an interruption, like a phone call.

    • Maxime Reply

      Great app, thanks Tretton37! Same comment as Eric: I would feel safer if the app could close any decrypted document when interrupted (Home button or phone call).

      • Sami Lamti Reply

        Thanks for your feedback! In the upcoming update of AxCrypt for iOS, I’ll make sure to address this issue. :-)

  3. Nishil Reply

    App is good :
    Is it possible in future to encrypt photos in iphone

    • Sami Lamti Reply

      Thank you Nishil! I do have long-term plans of letting you snap and encrypt photos, but I’m afraid that I cannot give you an estimated time of release, due to very limited spare time.

  4. Maxime Reply

    Dear Sami, thank you for the last update. Do you forecast offering a full-fledged version of Axcrypt (i.e. including encryption) for iOS users? I am about to abandon my Windows PC at home…

    • Sami Lamti Reply

      Dear Maxime, I’m glad you’re appreciating the updates! I certainly have plans on a full-fledged application, but time is currently an issue, only being able to work on AxCrypt on my very limited spare time. I’ll keep you posted, but don’t get rid of your Windows PC just yet ;-) . That said – have you seen the Mac version I wrote? It’ll let you both encrypt and decrypt files (but does not yet support key files). Check it out :-) !

  5. Florida AxCrypt user Reply

    Very useful tool. A few questions:

    1. Are files decrypted with ‘AxCrypt for iOS’ ever left in an unencrypted state on the device? For example, are the files listed under ‘received documents’ left encrypted on the device, and decrypted only temporarily during viewing?
    2. When files are ‘deleted’ using the ‘swipe to delete’ gesture, what occurs? Is the file ‘shredded’ as can be performed in the ‘full’ (Windows, etc.) versions of AxCrypt? Or is the file simply ‘forgotten’?
    3. Are there any plans for allowing encrypted text files to be edited directly on the device, and then re-encrypted? This would be extremely useful with cloud storage options like DropBox.

    • Sami Lamti Reply

      Hi there,

      Thank you for inquiring about AxCrypt!

      1. The files are kept in an encrypted state until you choose to open them, where they are temporarily decrypted. As you are done with the document, the decrypted copy is removed, leaving only the encrypted one left on the device.

      2. When files are deleted, a delete command is issued to the operating system, removing the file from its storage.

      3. Yes. Can’t give you any details yet, though.

  6. Alejandro Reply

    Hola quisiera saber si con esta aplicación, puedo cifrar fotos, vídeos, archivos de audio y cual sería el procedimiento. Saludos.

    • Sami Lamti Reply

      No, AxCrypt for iOS only allows you to open encrypted files. You will need to use AxCrypt for Windows, or Mac, to create them.

  7. Vincent Kruskal Reply

    Is there any way to send an AXX file in Dropbox to AxCrypt (other than emailing it to myself)? In Dropbox, the Sendto arrow does not list AxCrypt as Mail does. (iOS 6 in an iPhone 4.)

    • Sami Lamti Reply

      Try this:
      1. Open Dropbox
      2. Tap on your .axx document
      3. Tap on Open With / Send To
      4. Tap on “Open in …” (bottom row)
      5. Tap “Open in AxCrypt”

      • Vincent Kruskal Reply

        I assume that “Open With / Send To” means the rectangular box with an arrow leading from inside to out. When I do that, I see a list that starts with “Email” and ends with “Copy Link to Clipboard” — no “Open in …”. The last line is “Cancel”.

        BTW What happened to the “reply” I added to my own question which had been waiting for moderation?

  8. Robin Reply

    This is just to say how fantastic this app is. It has been a major benefit to me!

  9. Maxime Reply

    Cher Sami,
    Axcrypt ne tourne plus sur iOS9. Pensez-vous mettre l’application à jour ?
    Merci encore,

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