Introducing AxCrypt for Mac!

AxCrypt is a leading open source file encryption software for Windows, having more than 2.6m registered users worldwide. Using file-level encryption, AxCrypt is an ideal choice for attaching encrypted documents to your e-mails or for storing files onto your USB drives, for example.

As the Mac OSX is gaining in popularity, it’s getting increasingly more likely that AxCrypt’s users would like to be able to access their encrypted files from the MacBook or iMac too, which is what today’s good news is all about!

Using Mono & MonoMac, we have – in cooperation with Axantum – built an AxCrypt application that runs on your Mac! Being built from the same source as the upcoming 2.x version for Windows, it’s 100% compatible with your existing files, which means that you can start using it today.

The application was developed and tested on Mac OS X Mountain Lion and requires the Mono Runtime to execute. We are looking into bundling the necessary runtime into the app, but unfortunately, at the moment, the current toolset is giving us headaches.

As its older sibling, AxCrypt for Mac is open source.

Download app [Updated May 21st, 2013 to v2.0.2.0 - (read more about the latest version)]

21 Responses to Introducing AxCrypt for Mac!
  1. David Reply

    I installed MonoFramework-MRE-2.10.9_11.macos10.xamarin.x86
    I downloaded

    I am unable to execute the app in OS X Mountain Lion. I get a message that “You can’t open the application “AxCrypt” because the Classic environment is no longer supported.”

    Is there any solution to resolve this error message and execute the app?

    Thank you!

    • lamti Reply

      Thank you very much for your feedback, David! The issue, seems to be that uploading a Mac app without first wrapping it into a ZIP-file, causes certain “extended attributes” to get lost. Long story short, I have uploaded a new version and have updated the link in the article. You’ll need to extract the ZIP archive once downloaded to find the app inside.

      Again, thank you very much for your feedback!

  2. David Reply

    Thank you lamti, for Mac OS X now executes perfect!
    Best regards,

  3. Majia Reply

    it does not support “key file”? only password?

    • Sami Lamti Reply

      Hi Majia. That’s absolutely correct.

  4. Nicolas Reply

    Great job ! I can finally use axcrypt without parallel, vmware or crossover, thanks

    Will copy/paste passphrase will be in a future release ?

    • Sami Lamti Reply

      Hi Nicolas, and thank you for your feedback on our software! I’m it’s helping you in your daily life. I have to be honest with you – at the time of writing, there is currently no room for improvement of the Mac client. That said, I’m adding your feature request to the product backlog to something I can look into, when I have the opportunity to do so.

  5. Aviv Reply

    Sami, I’m so happy I found this page-
    Im a long time user of axcrypt on windows, and I switched to mac recently, and was using windows (via parallels) to open my encrypted files… now things may be much easier :) Thanks so much!

    One quick question:
    I have an encrypted file (extension axe) on my mac, and I want to set it so that when I double click it, it will run axcrypt, and will prompt for pw (same behavior as in windows).
    However, after I’ve set a default app to open axx files, when I double click that encrypted file I get a message “Enter password, Ah, you’d like to open xxxxx.axx”. Is there a place to enter password in the process, so that I can simply double-click an encrypted file, enter pw, and the file will be launched?


    • admin Reply

      Hey Aviv! I’m super-thrilled that you’re finding AxCrypt for Mac useful! I’ll add your request to the product backlog; however, at the time of writing, I’m afraid that I cannot give an estimated date when the functionality is in place. When it is, however, there will be a new post in this blog, so stay tuned ;-)

      Thanks again for your feedback!

  6. Aviv Reply

    Sami, thanks for replying man :)
    So I’ll just add here the full “use case” I think is very useful, so you’d have it in your records:
    Ideally, I’d love to double-click an AXX file, have it ask for password, then run the file- let me change things on the file, and once I close it, have it encrypted again
    (that’s how I work with axcrypt on windows).

    Also, sami- is there any way to subscribe for updates from your development efforts?

    Last, I wanted to emphasize again, kudos for you for taking on the challenge of porting it to mac- fantastic work!


  7. Robert C Welsh Reply

    I installed the Mono environment and tried to run AxCrypt and get the following error:

    The operation couldn’t be completed.
    (OSStatus error -67053.)

    Otherwise, I’m looking forward to using it.



    • Sami Lamti Reply

      I’m sorry you’re experiencing problems with the Mac release of AxCrypt. To get around your particular issue, try the following:

      1. Start the settings app on your Mac
      2. Go to Security Settings
      3. Enable the “Allow every app” setting
      4. Start AxCrypt for Mac
      5. Restore your security settings (AppStore and identified developers)

      Since the app is not signed with a developer key and distributed through the Mac App Store, OSX is a little restrictive in an attempt to protect you.

  8. Robert C Welsh Reply

    p.s. I’m on Mountain Lion – 10.8.3

  9. Gavin Reply

    Hi – i am unable to run the app, error:

    “The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -67053.)”

    I have installed MonoFramework-MRE-2.10.9_11.macos10.xamarin.x86

    Please can you help?


    • Sami Lamti Reply

      Hi Gavin! Please see my response to Robert about this issue above.

  10. Gav Reply

    Really sorry, I missed that!

    • Sami Lamti Reply

      *smiles* Don’t worry – you didn’t do anything wrong. I answered Robert’s question after you’d asked yours; then simply referenced the two.

      Have a great day!

      // Sami

  11. Thelle Kristensen Reply

    Hi Sami! Would love to try it out, but get a 404-error when trying to download.. Any help?

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