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Announcing version of AxCrypt for Mac

After 1375 downloads and a slow increase of support e-mails and ideas, it was definitely time to address some outstanding issues and pour some love onto the application. Version of AxCrypt for Mac is all about integration with the underlying system. To quote from the version history:

    • .axx files should now be automatically registered with the system and get the shield icon as start AxCrypt from your Applications folder. However, the integration is more than skin-deep: It’s now possible to double-click on .axx files on your system to have them automatically opened with AxCrypt! Just as with the QuickView/Edit command, you can edit your document and have it re-encrypted as you quit out of your associated editor.
  • Thank you to for using AxCrypt for Mac! I’m in hopes that the updates in this version will make your workflow easier!
  • Download here. (Requires a Mono Runtime)
  • Getting “The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -67053.)”? See this comment.
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