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Microsoft joins Xamarin Evolve as Sole Platinum Sponsor

Something that has eluded many, is that there is actually an active cooperation between Xamarin – makers of MonoTouch and Mono for Android – and Microsoft. Some has felt, that the Xamarin initiative is a pure indie movement – something you cannot use in a commercial environment for some reason or another. Because of this, I was delighted to hear, that Microsoft is officially sponsoring Xamarin’s first worldwide developer conference – the Xamarin Evolve – that will take place Austin, Texas on April 14th 17th, 2013.

The fact of the matter is, that Xamarin and Microsoft has worked very closely together for the past year, to ensure the success of the .NET developer community. Partnering with the Visual Studio division and the Azure Mobile Services group, Xamarin was able to ship support for Android development in Visual Studio on launch day and ensure that the Azure Mobile Services worked on Xamarin’s supported platforms as well.

Adding to that, Xamarin’s latest announcement of extended support for iOS development in Visual Studio significantly lowers the barrier of entry for Windows developers that are already savvy in the mobile sphere, perhaps from having puttered with Windows Phone.

To quote Nat Friedman: “Together, Xamarin and Microsoft bring C# to 2.2 billion devices”. As a .NET developer, this is amazing! Your skills are current and valuable. Now, get coding!

You’re running out of excuses …

It has finally happened! Earlier today, Xamarin released Xamarin.iOS (formerly known as MonoTouch), supporting iOS development in Visual Studio 2010 and 2012! Letting you utilize a Mac on your local network as a build server and execution engine, Xamarin did the impossible and allowed for Windows to be a highly potent iOS development platform – something that was previously just out-of-reach, and something I know many of you have yearned for! If you’re sporting a Mac with virutalization software such as Parallells or VMWare, things get even easier! Installing the Xamarin Studio package (which in turn installs everything else you’d possibly need (thank you Xamarin!)) on both OSX and on Windows (through VMWare), developing iOS apps in Visual Studio 2012 is a breeze:




So, in essence, starting from today, you can add Visual Studio, ReSharper (I’m being presumptuous here, I know) & Nuget to your iOS toolset. Furthermore, managing your sources in an existing TFS infrastructure, should be dead-simple. Also, Xamarin is introducing its component store with this release, enabling you to purchase and install cross-platform components directly into your project! Early components include Microsoft’s Azure Mobile Services, Facebook authentication and much, much more:


So Windows developers? It’s time to broaden your skills and to learn a new platform! The red carpet has been rolled out. All you need to do, is to get onboard ;-) .

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