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Aral Balkan on Design of Mobile Apps

So I was listening to the Tablet Show Podcast today and Aral Balkan was on. Now, this is the guy who opened for both Developer Summit and the Norwegian Developer’s Conference this year. Aral is a very, very talented and excellent speaker/performer and his keynote is available on Vimeo:



Some points that were brought up during the show, was the general impurity or non-commitment that came from just tossing some HTML into a web view and packaging that up as a native app. Aral made points on why he didn’t consider these applications being native at all – they don’t adhere to the platform design guide or perform as other apps, thus eluding their purpose or quality to the end user. For a better native experience, the hosts again and again eluded to developing the separate UIs using the platform’s native components, sharing business logic between them. This is exactly what Mono provides.

The show, which I can strongly recommend, is available at The Tablet Show.
For a link to Apple’s mobile design guidelines, see this link. If you are targeting Windows Phone, this might be more interesting to you. Android developers? Look here!
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